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Restaurant and Bar at the intersection of pool and lagoon

A gourmet and tranquil space between the pool and the beach, Coconut Grove Restaurant offers Beach Gourmet cuisine from its chef to our resident and external guests.

Just a stone’s throw from the Saline beach, Sand Bar serves up exclusive cocktails and mocktails alongside creatively reimagined tapas… all with your feet in the sand, under the shade of coconut trees, while the sun bids a spectacular farewell over the lagoon in a flamboyant and ever-changing display. Are you not in paradise?

Coconut Grove

Open Monday to Sunday
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Sand Bar

Open Monday to Sunday
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


+262 262 70 30 00

Access for Persons with Reduced Mobility

Enjoy our PRM access for optimal comfort. With us, every detail is designed to make all our guests feel at home.

Gastronomic Journey

Coconut grove Restaurant

At the Coconut Grove Restaurant, every effort is made to tantalize your senses. Chef Fabien Caillebault’s ingenuity and artistic finesse captivate the eyes before tantalizing the taste buds. Delicately combined spices announce each dish with an alluring aroma. Freshness takes center stage on the plate, and the menu changes daily. The atmosphere is as elegant and refined as the dishes served by our teams.

Le Sand Bar

The Sand Bar is our best theater. Every evening, the Sun, an eternal leading man, performs the grand farewell to the King.

In the lagoon, it majestically takes its final daily bath in front of awe-struck spectators, comfortably seated. Nothing is lacking in their twilight happiness: the secret alchemy of fresh cocktails, an array of homemade tapas, a serene and intimate ambiance.

Breakfast buffet

Relaxation and generosity reign at our breakfast buffet set up every day at Coconut Grove from 7 am to 10 am. Feast on local fruit platters, tropical fruit juices, pastries, pancakes, eggs prepared in various styles, hot beverages, cheeses, yogurts—unlimited, an explosion of colors and flavors, all against the backdrop of the enchanting lagoon.

Our Menu

Facing the Ocean!

Tranquility and luxury beneath the pergolas
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