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In the tropical haven of Ness by D-Ocean, emerges the imprint of a man whose determination and vision have shaped a hotel experience imbued with elegance and modernity. Jean-Jacques Dijoux, President and Founder, epitomizes the innovative spirit that led to the creation of this sanctuary where well-being and attentive service intertwine.

With an exemplary career path, Jean-Jacques Dijoux has forged his success with perseverance and rigor. A graduate of a prestigious Business School and holder of an MBA earned in Dallas, United States, he founded the D2J Group at the turn of the new millennium. His expertise spans from conceptualization to realization of real estate, commercial, and hotel projects, embodying a constant desire to build landmarks and sustain achievements.

The Terrasses de Saint Gilles, Ness by D-Ocean, and the Distillerie de Savanna are all jewels born from Jean-Jacques Dijoux’s entrepreneurial vision. Through these remarkable achievements, he celebrates diversity and cultural fusion, essential values for a society where coexistence is a strength.

His relentless quest for innovation drives him to explore new horizons, such as film and tourism production. Convinced that Reunion Island is destined to become an example of harmonious development, where cultures and inspirations blend to create a modern society respectful of humanity and its environment.

In this momentum, Ness by D-Ocean embodies a modern vision of Reunionese life, where every detail reflects a commitment to elegance and well-being. Amidst paradisiacal landscapes, this exceptional hotel offers a unique experience, infused with dynamism and refinement, where each stay becomes an invitation to discovery and serenity.